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Our Services
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Whether you are self-employed, employed in a company or a legal entity, with us you can achieve a high performance on your accounts with minimum complexity.
Our aim is to be of service to you providing personalized banking by offering a range of products that will improve your returns and reduce your fees.

Account opening
We offer a wide range of accounts which can be tailor-made for your own private needs. This range includes current, savings, notice and fixed deposit accounts –even overnight deposit accounts - with the most competitive interest rates in the market.
Accounts can be opened in 42 currencies enabling you to perform your personal or business transactions with the highest speed and the minimum costs.

Swift payments
The SWIFT Bank Identification Code is an internationally recognized system of codes for identifying Banks. These codes are commonly used to identify the Banks involved in an international wire transfer.
Our Bank can assure you that through our correspondence network, your payments will be executed quickly (with same day value if required), effectively and at minimum cost.

Bulk payments
Bulk payment system is a simple, convenient, secure and effective way of executing inter-bank preauthorized transactions which are regularly performed by an organization. These transactions may refer to salaries and wages.

Inter-Bank Transfers (JCC-Transfer)
JCC operates the national inter-Bank electronic transfer system. This is currently a batch system whereby all inter-Bank transfers arrive electronically at JCC, are sorted out and re-sent to Banks as well as the Central Bank for same day reconciliation purposes. For the time being there is a limit of Euro50,000 per transaction.  For same-day value execution of JCC transfers there's a cut-off time of 12:00 noon.

Internal transfers
These transfers refer to inter-bank transfers either between own accounts or payments to third party accounts within Piraeus Bank in any currency. These transfers are executed same day and at no cost.


Electronic Banking

Specialised products

Other specialized products can be offered by us in co-operation with other departments of our Bank such as Wealth Management products, private banking products, trustee services, escrow accounts, dealing services.

Commercial business