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Requirements for Account Opening
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Private Individuals
1. Certified true copy of a valid passport
2. Original Bank reference from a reputable Bank.
3. Proof of residential address.
4. AstroBank application forms.

Corporate Clients
International Companies Registered in Cyprus – Incorporation documents
1. Certificate of  Incorporation
2. Memorandum and Articles of Association
3. Certificate of  Registered Address
4. Certificate of Directors and Secretary
5. Certificate of Shareholders
6. Declaration of Trust / Trust deeds (if necessary)
7. AstroBank application forms.

Companies Registered in Foreign Jurisdictions - Incorporation documents
1. Certificate of  Incorporation / Formation / Registration
2. Memorandum and Articles of Association (or By-Laws)
3. Appointment of first Director by Subscribers of the Memorandum
4. Appointment of shareholders/secretary / registered address by directors
5. Acceptance of Directors / secretary
6. Certificate of Shareholders
7. All certificates showing changes in the structure of the company if other than date of registration
8. Certificate of good standing / certificate of incumbency for companies that are more than two years old.
9. In case of Barer share company, original certificate is kept in Bank’s safe custody
10. Declaration of Trust / Trust deeds (if necessary)
11. AstroBank application forms.

Notes & Additional documents
1. Certified copies of valid passports of the directors /secretary / bank signatories and ultimate shareholders are required.
2. Original Bank reference for all above individuals
3. Proof of residential address of all above individuals

In case that directors/secretary/shareholders are legal entities, then it is required that all above documents should be presented to the Bank.