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Savings Account
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What is a Saving Account?

A Savings Account is an interest bearing account which offers its holder instant access on both savings and withdrawals without a need of prior notice.


• In all main currencies
• For individual clients only
• With competitive credit interest rates
• Without any fees on account opening

Other Characteristics:

• Instant access on both deposits and withdrawals at any time without a need of prior notice
• Facilitates automatic credit of salary and/or any other income
• Facilitates direct debits for payments of Utility Bills such as CYTA, EAC, WaterBoard etc 
• Standing Orders can be placed to facilitate the transfer of funds to other accounts (i.e. loan instalmment payments)
• Issuance of yearly analytical statement with all transactions for the holder's information and convenience
• Facilitates a cash card on it and thus, provide 24 hour access on holder's savings through ATM machines
• Accommodates Minor account relationships as well


• 0.05% on monthly minimum balance.

• Interest is being paid at the end of every calendar year (31st of December)

For more information please visit today one of our branches or call at 800 11 800 (22575555 from abroad) 24 hours / 7 days a week.