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Now, with each annual deposit, Piraeus Bank awards additional thousands of miles that travel you away!

• Minimum annual deposit amount €20.000, the rate of which is determined from time to time by the Bank.
• Interest payable either at the beginning or upon maturity of the fixed deposit period as per your request.
• Get the Miles & More Visa with no annual subscription fee for the first year.
• Earn bonus 5.000 Miles & More award miles with every new Miles & More Visa PLUS additional award  miles depending  on the deposit amount.
• Redeem your miles for free tickets with Lufthansa as well as 40 other Miles & More airline partners, to more than 1,300 destinations in 192 countries.

Terms & Conditions

A.Fixed Deposit- Minimum Deposit amount Euro 20,000

• The deposit interest rate is set at the beginning of the deposit period and/or of each renewability period thereof and remains fixed throughout each such period. 
• The fixed deposit must be  in EURO currency.
• The credit interest arising out from the fixed  deposit  will be credited to the customer either at the beginning or upon maturity of the deposit period or of any renewability period  thereof.
• No partial and/or full withdrawals or early maturity of the fixed deposit will be  allowed

B. Miles & More Visa Card

Below terms and conditions apply only if the credit card Miles & More  Visa is granted under this offer:

• With every new Miles & More Visa card the customer will  earn 5,000 Miles & More award miles upon the first purchase as well as additional miles totaling to 10% of the credit limit of the card.
• Does not apply to supplementary cards.  
• Existing Miles & More cardholders will  only be credited with the additional miles  depending on the amount of the new deposit .
• The  credit limit of the Miles & More Visa Card will be equal to 10% of the deposit amount (rounded up to the nearest thousands) with maximum credit limit of €30.000.
• Additional miles will be credited to existing Miles & More cardholders as per above mentioned ratiosequivalent to the increment of the credit limit amount.
• Any credit limit granted under Miles & More Visa card  will be subject to security in the form of cash collateral which for Cypriot residents will be equal to 110% of the card’s credit limit and for non-residents  to 200% of the credit limit. .
• It is, amongst others, a prerequisite for granting and/or for continue granting the Miles & More Visa credit card that same is secured at all times by a cash collateral in the form described above (depending on each case) ,
• Earn 1 Miles & More award mile for every €1 spent.
• With the Miles & More Visa, your award miles remain valid for an unlimited period provided you make a miles related purchase at least once a month (that is not returned or refunded) and have held the Miles & More Visa for at least 3 months. If one of the conditions is not met, the mileage expiration is reactivated and the miles will expire again according to the Miles & More terms & conditions. Not relevant for Frequent  Travellers, Senators and HON Circle Members as due to their status miles will not expire
• The issuance of the Miles & More Visa is subject to the credit policy of the Piraeus Bank (Cyprus) ltd at the time.
i. This offer is valid for individuals, Cypriot residents or non-residents, new or existing customers of the Bank.
ii. This offer is valid until 15 January 2016.
iii. The Bank reserves the right to withdraw or alter the terms of this  offer/product  at any time at its absolute discretion.

For more information you may call our Call Center (800 11 800 or +357 22575555 from abroad) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or visit our website (www.piraeusbank.com.cy) and/or  any one of our Branches.