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Youth Plus Package
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Youth - Plus                                                                            

Instantly and free of charge:
Upon your first visit to the Branch, you get:

Debit Card Visa, “Youth”
winbank subscription
Account opening

24/7 on-going customer support, through our Call Centre
Free Travel Insurance
Free cash withdrawals in Euro from any ATM bearing the VISA logo, in Cyprus and abroad !!!
CARDS Debit Card Visa “Youth”

Free and Instantly issued at the Branch, upon submission of the application
Free cash withdrawals in Euro from any ATM bearing the VISA logo, in Cyprus and abroad
Free Travel Insurance if tickets are bought with “Youth” card (terms & conditions apply)
SMS & email Alerts 

Free of charge alerts for all card transactions
Card Reward Scheme “Enjoy More”

Enjoying discounts from a wide range of businesses throughout Cyprus
Enjoy More App
Download the App for free, available for iOS and Android devices
Easy and instant access to all the deals and discounts offered to all our cardholders
Notification alerts on your mobile for offers near you
ACCOUNTS Savings Account

Interest rate 0,10%
Connection of the account with a Visa “Youth” for effecting:
o purchases and
o withdrawals from ATMs bearing the Visa logo, in Cyprus and abroad, in any currency

Standing Orders

No opening commission or stamp duty, for standing orders opened till May 2017
DIGITAL CHANNELS winbank: Electronic Banking  24/7

Free registration and subscription to winbank digital channels:
o winbank web & mobile banking: Access to operate/manage your accounts and execute transactions
o winbank Instant Cash: Send cash to any AstroBank ATM (in Cyprus and Greece) and withdrawal without using a card. Send cash to any third party (to AstroBank customers or not)
o winbank phone banking: Do all your transactions over the phone
o winbank for Cards: Instant access to your card balances and statements with no prior winbank subscription
Discounts on remittance charges
Preferential winbank interest rates on deposit products

For any applications for insurance products (general or life insurance) and/or for any other services and/or products of the Bank, you may contact your local or servicing Branch.


Terms and conditions apply. 
It is understood that:
(1) Our Debit Card Visa “Youth” is offered to persons of ages of 14-26.
(2) Any application for cooperation with the Bank and/or for the provision of any of the Bank’s services and/or products will be subject to the approval of the Bank, at its sole and absolute discretion, based on the Bank’s   policies and/or regulations and/or lending policy being in force from time to time.
(3) For ages under 18, the Savings Account that will be opened and linked with the Visa “Youth”, as well as the offered winbank Electronic Banking services, will be in the name of the Minor’s guardian.

(4) Regarding the terms and conditions which apply for the free tavel insurance coverage offered with the issue of "Youth" card, you are kindly requested to visit the Bank's website at

(5) The Bank reserves the right to change the above products and/or charges at any time and at its sole and absolute discretion.
For more information for all the above, you may call any one of our Branches and/or our Call Center (800 11 800 or +357 22 575 555 from abroad) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and/or visit our website