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winbank instant cash
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What is "Instant Cash”
It is a revolutionary service that enables Bank's customers to send cash to a third party (or themselves) via any ATM of Astro Banjk (and Piraeus Bank Greece). Cash Withdrawals are achieved instantly and without the use of a card, simply by entering a one-time Withdrawal Code.

Prerequisites for the customer/sender
To send cash you need to be an individual with a bank account at AstroBank and have access to any of the following:

  • Web Banking
  • Phone Banking

Prerequisites for the recipient
None! To collect the cash, you do not need to have an account or card at any bank.

How it works
The "Instant Cash" service is based on the use of a unique one-time Withdrawal Code that you receive when you submit an Instant Cash order. You must then inform the recipient about the code and the exact amount either via SMS or verbally.

The recipient simply visits an AstroBank ATM (and Piraeus Bank Greece) and presses one of the 8 keys on either side of the screen.  When prompted, he enters the Withdrawal Code, the Amount and… takes the cash dispensed by the ATM.

The sender can use the service in the same way (send and collect himself), and actually perform cardless withdrawals!

Transaction Limits
Daily: EUR 600
Monthly: EUR 3.000

This service is offered FREE OF CHARGE across all ATMs in Cyprus and Greece.


  • Pioneering and unique in Cyprus and Greece
  • Send cash to ANYONE in Cyprus and Greece
  • Send cash at no cost
  • 24x7 availability at over 650 ΑΤΜs in Cyprus and Greece
  • The fastest and most convenient way to send and receive cash
  • Simple and user-friendly service
  • Convenient and effective solution in case of emergency.