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Privilege VISA
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  • Accepted in Cyprus and abroad wherever VISA cards are accepted.
  • Worldwide cash withdrawals from ATMs bearing the VISA logo.
  • Analytical monthly card account statement.
  • Enhanced security on all your purchases and cash withdrawals with chip&PIN technology.
  • 24hour monitoring of card transactions so as to identify any suspicious actions and prevent fraud.
  • Maximised security with the option for a free text message (SMS) and/or email for every transaction.
  • Minimum monthly payment of only 5% of the card outstanding balance.
  • Direct access and easy monitoring through winbank channels: winbank web banking, winbank mobile banking, winbank phone banking and winbank for cards.
  • Daily limit of up to €3000 (given that there is available balance) on transactions posted in, mainly non-European Continent countries. For a detailed list of countries, please see below attachment and /or contact our Call Center.
  • Discounts through the "Enjoy More" cards' Reward Scheme at shops, restaurants, hotels and many more, all over Cyprus.
  • 24hour support through the Call Center of AstroBank Limited, 800 11 800 or +357 22 575555 (from abroad).