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Personal Data
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The processing and protection of personal data of website users is subject to the provisions of existing legislation on the protection of personal data and the following terms. AstroBank Limited will process personal data of website users, which will be brought to its attention and will keep a personal data filing system, taking all necessary measures to safeguard the confidentiality of this information. AstroBank Limited  never reveals the said data to third parties, unless, you have expressly consented thereto or it is required by Law and/or competent authorities. The data will be processed by AstroBank Limited  for communication, statistical or historical purposes and also in order to improve the Bank’s services, to this effect the user consents, either expressly for communication purposes or consent is demonstrated solely by use of the website and applies also to any processing of the user’s data by businesses associated with AstroBank Limited for statistical or historical purposes and for the improvement of its services.

Should users of the website choose to follow the special connections (links, hyperlinks, banners) to the websites of third parties, AstroBank Limited is not responsible for the terms of personal data processing and protection followed by these parties.

Any user/visitor has, in accordance with article 12 of The Processing of Personal Data (Protection Of Individuals) Law 138(I)/2001, right of access to personal data that concern him/her. Furthermore, the website user has the right to object (which includes the right of rectification) to the processing of personal data that concern him/her. The aforementioned rights are exercised via the submission of a written application to the Data Controller and such applications shall be addressed to the Compliance Unit of the Bank, which is the Representative of the Data Controller of AstroBank Limited. A right of recourse to the Commissioner for the Protection of Data exists, should the answer not be to your satisfaction.